Performance Art

Kristina Wong’s “Discharges from American History”

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Kurt & Lauren


Performance Art

Martha Graham Cracker



Rudy Francisco

The Residency

The Artist take up residency at Washington Square Hotel for a week, at the end of which there is a happening with an audience. The Artist creates a performance fusing together their work with inspiration from their experience during their stay, and collaborates with the CMYK team to bring their vision to life. A hotel room is converted into a unique performance space, tailored to the artist and genre. For the happening, small groups enter the room for an up-close performance. Format and style change depending on the performer – and the group – but audiences will leave transformed.

The Team: CMYK

We’re makers and artists, writers and performers, filmmakers and storytellers. Oh, and we’re a creative agency. Based in Brooklyn, we provide a wide range of digital and creative solutions for a diverse roster of clients. At the heart of every thing we do is a passion for storytelling and making. Whether a website or an animation, an installation or a logo, our first thought is always: what is the best way to tell this story? Because of this we are always looking for new ways, new platforms and new avenues to tell stories and connect with people. The Artist Room was inspired by our love of immersive events and knowing that there are some experiences that can only be had in person. Find out more about us at: wearecmyk.com

The Venue: Washington Square Hotel


Washington Square Hotel is a Greenwich village treasure with a storied past of being a haven for artists and writers. From Hemingway to Chuck Berry to Dylan to the Ramones – artists have always called Washington Square Hotel their home away from home. We continue this tradition with a new generation of artists, writers, musicians and performers with The Artist Room.